Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 down, 3 to go...

Over the Christmas holiday, Dane, his family and I were inspired to get back into good habits.  We heard about this program online called One Hundred Pushups.  I had heard of this before, and always wanted to do it, so we all decided to start together.  It is basically a  week program that anyone can follow to help you build the strength to do 100 pushups in a row.  Yeah, that's right, all at once.  For all of you that think that sounds like a lot, don't worry, I thought it too, hence I had never done this before on my own.  It is actually a very manageable program and you only do pushups three times a week.  I am amazed at how much stronger I am already getting.

So, needless to say, today, Dane and I (and hopefully Dale, Abbie, and mom and dad Smith) finished our third week of the program.  It has been tough, but I am determined to do it.  Dane even commented to me today that he can tell he is getting stronger.  Yeah!  So, the point of this post was not to brag or to boast about some great accomplishment, but more for myself, I guess.  I have looked at week 4 and it does not look easy....we can do it!  (Just to give you an idea, today I did 5 sets of pushups ranging from 20-30 with a grand total of 122 pushups for the day!  I love this program and if any of you are interested, you should check out the link above.  

Yeah for new year's resolutions!

Friday, January 16, 2009

welcome to Etsy

If any of you would like to check it out, it's here!

Thanks Jeana for the name idea, I shortened it a little.  
Tell all your friends!  

I guess we will se how this goes, right?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a work in progress

I guess I could be talking about a lot of things in my life right now.

I had two second-interviews this week at both of my top choice jobs. They went very well, but honestly I feel they could go either way. I will hopefully know by the end of the week if all of my efforts have been in vain and if I will start the grueling process over again...ahhhh the uncertainty of life.

Today was the first day that all of the time I have on my hands has started to weigh heavily. Isn't it strange how having too much time can be un-motivating? What is wrong with our culture? Or at least, what is wrong with me? Why is it that we have to be under stressful or time restrictive situations to get anything done? And at the same time, how often do we complain about not having enough time to get everything done that we need to...

So, in my lack of motivation today, I have started another work in progress, obviously the abundance of time is not helping me to be a very fast painter.
I am also in the process of starting up an Etsy shop for my shoes and possibly other creations in my life...however progress halted very abruptly because the first thing I had to do was create an Etsy user name. This user name will also become my Etsy address/title, and I am at a lack of ideas for what to call it. I want it to be catchy and memorable, describe what I do, but also be broad enough to allow multiple items, for example I can't do "custompaintedshoes" because I will more than likely add other things, any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

job search-update

Well, I have got a lot of news to share, and for once I am actually going to blog about it.  This week has been pretty successful as far as the job search goes.  I had 4 interviews!  I cannot even tell you how much less frustrating the whole process is in this stage.  I actually get to meet people and they can meet me, and they can start deciding if they want me to work for them based off of ME and not a boring piece of paper that by the way, EVERYONE tries to make not-boring, but no one really knows how to right?  Don't get me wrong, I think I have a pretty great resume, but think I can speak for myself better than it can any day.  

Ok, so there are a few things that are pretty important to Dane and I in my search for a job.  Some of them are, we need benefits if we can get them- it really is so much cheaper to get them through working, so that means I need full-time, something that will pay the bills, and something that is close enough to make it work for Dane and I to share one car.  

So here is the rundown on the interviews:

1.  Graphic Designer for a payday-loan company and their website called Checkcity  
       Pros: I get to design and spend time doing what I love to do, and not have to worry about all the code stuff, it is way close and when weather is nice, I could ride my bike, good benefits, but they have  90 day waiting period...which brings me to the 
       Cons: not guaranteed 40 hours, really more like 35? which I would need to qualify for benefits, not quite sure if I could handle the pressure of living up to the expectations of a company who is already out-sourcing to a professional graphic designer.

2.  Risk Analyst for Cybersource (a company similar to Paypal, they do "e-checks")
Pros:  This is a very good company to work for, work in an environment with good, fun people, VERY good benefits that start the DAY I am hired, prob. the highest salary out of all of the places I have applied, could carpool with my next door neighbor who works there (she referred me....hopefully that will work out to be a good "in"), I get to learn new skills and expand my options of future jobs
Cons:  My neighbor is probably moving within the next 6 months and I would have to start commuting on my own to American Fork, it has nothing to do with art, and would not really help me further my teaching career.  

3.  Manager for Chrysalis, an assisted-living company where I would be in charge of a small "home" and 4-5 other employees
Pros: They already offered me the job! It would be good experience working with people, and probably make me a better teacher, close to home and to the provo airport.
Cons:  only pays $10/hour, my hours would be 10~ish-7~ish, sometimes later, 24hrs-a-day-on-call, may have to work overtime, would never get to see Dane, hard, dirty work.

4.  Teaching Aide at a school for autistic children called Clear Horizons Academy
Pros:  I got to meet some of the children when I went in for an interview, they are so cute!  would pay better than the manager position above, I would actually get to put some of my education background to use, it would help me become a better teacher and further my career as a teacher, they are hiring teachers next year, and I would have a pretty good chance of getting a job, work with great people (I just found out that a girl in my ward works there too!  I love her, maybe we could car-pool?)  35 hours/week, giving me time to paint and do other things I love to do, benefits I need
Cons:  Not the best salary, (but not bad), hmmm...I have never worked with autistic children before (not a huge con, but I can't think of much for this job...), might not be able to start benefits until june?  but I am not quite sure on that one...

Well, if you can't tell already which jobs I am leaning towards, I think I would love to get the risk analyst or teaching job, I would really like the graphic design job, and if everything falls through I could work as the manager at Chrysalis.   I still have not decided exactly where is the right place for me, but it feels good to have some hopefuls.  

This was a long summary, but I feel that there has got to be someone out there who wants to know all of this, right?

oh, p.s., I have a second interview at Cybersource for the risk analyst job Monday morning at 9:30, wish me luck!

p.p.s. one thing I have really enjoyed about this stage is having time to get things done, like exercise, keep my house clean, make yummy dinner, and bread, and have time to just not feel stressed.  Ahhhhh, it has been nice.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How many times do we feel like this? is the job search going?  I had two interviews today, both went well and only time will tell.  I must say though, there are many times I have felt like this...

this cartoon came from here :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday update, more shoes, and coming home

Well, we are finally home after a long and very relaxing two weeks in Washington with Dane's family for the break.  We had a lot of time to spend with family, catch up with those we haven't seen in a while and do lots of other fun stuff.  
I had a lot of time to get some painting done, and seriously had a blast.  I finished 3 pair of shoes and you will have to check them out: Monet's Poppies, Ninja Turtles, and Mt. Rainier.  It has been really great to get a few more done for my portfolio so that I can actually get this up and running as a business someday....

Anyway, I don't really have a lot of fun, cool pictures to share but I do have a few.  Here are some classic "Ella-faces" that we got to see:  

It was so fun to spend time with you Ella!  We miss you!

It is really good to be home, at least now that we have had a day to let the heater warm up our house.  We turned down the thermostat before leaving to 50 degrees, which is really more like 45 degrees on our thermostat, and came home to a fridge.  I had to laugh because this was the first thing that I saw when we walked in the door: 
I have never see solid olive oil before!  Ha ha...seriously it was cold. 
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