Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cousins, 6 days apart

A week ago, my sister, Emily, had a babysitter for her 4 oldest, Ryan had plans with buddies, and so she was free! Free to come all the way down to Provo and visit Lynlee and me! So, we had to take pics of our little girls together just for history. They are so lucky to have so many cousins that will be so close to their age! It was a very fun night, thanks so much for coming to visit, Zoey and Emily!

Lynlee: 2 1/2 weeks, Zoey: 3 1/2 weeks

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 Week Check-up

Photo by Dane's sister, Abbie, who graciously came and spent 5 days helping and hanging out with us.

Lynlee was 2 weeks old on Tuesday. Wow. Time has gone by so fast and yet in some ways I can't really imagine what we were like before we had her. I have a number of friends who had babies around the same time we did, and many of them have had medical problems (everything from tumors, eye infections, pneumonia, as well as nervously high jaundice levels..) come up in just the first few weeks of their lives. It has caused me to reflect on the blessing of health. I know Lynlee will not be sickness-free for her entire life, but I am grateful she is healthy. With Dane having everything from flu symptoms, a sore throat, sinus infection, runny nose and a cold, I feel like she has had a little bubble of protection just for the first few weeks of her life. And for that I am grateful.

I was really curious to see how much our little eater had grown at her check-up: she gained 6.5 oz in one week and 1/2" in length. So, she is still in the 18th percentile for weight and 78th for length. What girl doesn't want to be tall and skinny, right? I am having dreams already of her being a volleyball player!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here I am, all bundled up, ready to go for a walk with mommy!

I know it has been a little while when you consider the time line of Lynlee's life since Monday, but I just wanted to report on her first visit to the pediatrician. She had her 3-5 day check up and this is where they measured her percentile for everything.

weight: 17th percentile
height: 73rd percentile
head cir: 27th percentile

She is tall and skinny :)
We were so proud of her because she has already gained back all of her weight she lost the first few days in the hospital plus one ounce! I hear they usually make that a goal by the 2 week check up. That appointment is set for next Tuesday. (I can't believe we have been home from the hospital for a week!) I am excited to see how much she has gained by then. She is a really good eater, so I am hoping to up her stats in the weight area. :)
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