Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recent Happs...

Hello friends and family! We are both sorry that we have left you wondering what is happening in our lives. We know it has been a while... such is life sometimes, right?! 
We have been busy with work (only Bridget), school (only Dane), going on bike rides in the nice weather (only Dane) and being just plain awesome (both Bridget and Dane). I am here to fill you in on two of our most recent activities that have kept us busy and happy.
On  Saturday, Apr. 18th, Bridget and I travelled to Green River, Wyoming to see Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin (Dane's maternal g-parents). It had been a while since we'd seen them, so we decided to do a warm up road trip in prep for the summer, and take the 3 hour drive to go see them. Here is some photo explanation...

Above is a long stretch of road right before Ft. Bridger (only one letter away from Ft. Bridget!). We listened to some good tunes and did our best to conserve gas. We usually get about 35 to 40 MPG on long road trips such as this! We love our little Honda Civic (better known on long trips as "Vic"). Vic keeps it real.
Speaking of keeping it real, here is a picture of me waiving to the Antelope we saw outside of Evanston. They were keeping it real for sure.

Speaking of keeping it real, above is a picture of me waiving to the Antelope we saw outside of Evanston. They were keeping it real for sure.

This is Bridget and Me with Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin. We went to lunch at the "Golden Corral", apparently Grandpa's favorite local restaurant in Rock Springs. Let's just say it was nice to see Grandpa happy there. After lunch, Grandpa gave us a two or three hour tour of Rock Springs and Green River and all of the buildings he had built. I actually enjoyed learning more about Grandpa's past. He had some really neat stories. My favorite was that he would not allow bad language on his work sites. He had some stories about firing people that would break this rule. Either that was my favorite, or the story where he had a crane operator put his friend's Jeep on top of a Courthouse they were building. I laughed at that one for a while! 

Moving on... yesterday (Apr.22) the weather was hecka nice out, so Bridget and I ate lunch outside in front of our house. As I was sitting there, I had the brilliant idea to set up a lemonade stand. I got my neighbor in on the idea, and we set up camp on our corner. The weather was awesome! We brought a boom box out and played all 4 albums of Jack Johnson. We had a party and ended up just offering lemonade instead of selling it. We did ask for donations though, and ended up making $8.05. We played it chill, wore leis. We had a great time, and improved our tans. In all, I think we spent about 4 hours out on our corner.

Here is our little set up. Good times had by me and Bryan for sure. Be on the look out for the return of our lemonade stand.
That is all for right now. We will try to be better about posting in the future.
P.S. I don't know what is up with the underlined text, but i couldn't make it go away!

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