Friday, July 17, 2009

outdoor summer adventures

Oh yeah, we have a blog....

Just kidding, but seriously that is a little how I have been feeling lately about this blog. Looking back I can see that our last post hasn't been since Dane's birthday, and to be honest, I really have no good reasons. We have been up to a lot of fun stuff this summer so far along with lots of work, so it it time to catch up.

For those of you who haven't checked out Dane's biking blog yet, I highly recommend it. That is a good place where you can find a lot of our summer adventures thus far. He has a clever, fun way of writing too :).

One of my favorite things about the summer has been the amount of time we have been able to spend together and outside. Dane's contagious love for road biking has rubbed off on me, I got my own bike, and we have hit the road together a few times. It has been a ton of fun. I love being active and I love being able to take myself new places.

Speaking of new places, that is exactly where we went this morning for Dane. He can now officially say he is a true cougar. Yes, we hiked the "Y". I am surprised how many people make it through their BYU career/time in Provo and never up the mountain. Dane was one of them, and we have been talking about going up forever, so finally we broke down and did it.

I guess I owe the credit of this post to him, because he told me he would go on one condition, that I take pictures and make a blog post... I was ok with that, so we packed the camera and then learned that the battery was dead as soon as we got to the trail head. So, this picture was taken from my cell phone! I was surprised how well it turned out.

P.s. Did you know you can email yourself pictures from your phone as a text? I am pretty sure that any phone with picture taking and texting capabilities can do it. Believe me, mine is nothing fancy. I had no idea. It really works just as a text. All you do is, in the spot where you would normally type the phone number, go to the ABC function and enter an email address! This little picture is my proof. :)

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