Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Summary

So, this is the last of my "catch-up" posts. I just wanted to put up some pictures from this summer.

I was lucky enough to be able to go back to American Income and get a job for the summer. I was not doing sales, though. I handled all of the office administrative stuff and was able to work for just 2 months. They were so gracious to let me come back just for a short time (Thank you!) before I hired and trained my replacement so that I could take August to get ready for school. It was the perfect job for me. I worked about 30 hours/week, and was able to come home and crash at the end of the day...I never realized how much it took out of you to make a little baby!

Dane was able to meet with his flight instructor every day and get back onto his bike. He, Dale and a few of our friends are training right now to ride their first century in October. It is a 100 mi bike ride in St. George. Yikes. As much as I would love to do that someday, I am kinda glad that I have a good reason not to train for something like that right now.

A few highlights from the summer were being able to spend time outside--not in the blistering humidity--see family, and spend time with friends that we missed so much while we were gone.

Here is a panoramic shot that Dane took at the top of the Tram at Snowbird. We went up here with my parents and all of their grandkids over the age of 8 for "cousin camp". So fun! after this we went on ATV and horse-back rides down into Mineral Basin. It was a beautiful day.

Another one of our favorite activities this summer was hiking up to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon, just above Aspen Grove. We went with our friends Mollie and Rod Pettingill. This is after running through the ice-cold waterfall. It had been a hot day and felt really nice! (note to self, next time I run through a waterfall: don't wear white shorts!)

At the end of the summer, we did get a special treat! Our friends, Jessi and Ryk, who we met in Houston came into town and we got to do dinner with them. We miss them so much and wish that they were just there for an internship and coming back to Provo too! But we do realize that there comes a time when we do need to move on and out of Provo...just wish that our friends all left the same time we did!
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