Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birthday Celebration! (part 1)

So, I guess this is going to be a little bit of bragging time for me, but oh well. Here we go. First I have to say that I have the BEST husband in the world and that everyone should be able to celebrate their birthdays for a whole week...yeah, that's right for an entire week.

So this is how it all began:

Last weekend, Dane and I drove down to St. George with Dale to meet up with Leisa, because Dane didn't have school and we needed some time together. This is when the birthday celebration all began.

Have any of you ever heard of (or had) the American Chocolate Cake from Costco? Since Leisa had never been to Costco, it was one of our first stops in town. It was a great Costco day, lots of samples :)

Dane and I had been telling Dale and Leisa about this cake for quite sometime and picked one up to celebrate both my upcoming birthday and Dale's birthday from a few weeks ago. This cake is a-MAZE-ing!
It is everything that a four layer, chocolate cake smothered in frosting and chocolate shavings should be. Not too rich or two sweet, but tons of chocolaty goodness flavor. The label on the cake box says: Nt wt: 7 lbs.....! Yikes. It is huge. Needless to say, we ate the whole thing over the course of 4 days... with the help of some of Leisa's roommates and their friends. Thank goodness.

So, we had a nice relaxing time in St. George, and went shopping, to dinner, to church with Leisa, and of course, on a few really fun bike rides.
One one ride, we road out to Santa Clara and stopped at the Jacob Hamblin house. For those of you who don't know Dane's mom, Janet's maiden name is Hamblin.

Here is a cute one of Dale and Leisa!

I am pretty sure that I have some type of Hamblins in my ancestry as well because My parents have often stopped with us there as well. We got there right before it opened and were taking these pictures when a couple of missionaries who do tours showed up to open for the day.

Here is Dane and me! Don't mind my ghetto-booty with my jacket wrapped up in my back pocket :)

It was nice to go down south to get a little sun before the real cold weather sets in.

Oh yeah, and DALE and LEISA GOT ENGAGED! Congrats!


mom/Janet said...

I'm so glad you two got to spend some time together and also spent time with Dale and Leisa. Fun for everyone.

Melissa DeLeon said...

Biking really agrees with you guys!! (All of you.)
Congrats on the B-days and the celebration of the engagement.
Oh... and I may not like you for a little while for having posted that chocolate cake, because now I'm jonesing for a slice!!! haha

Bridget said...

Dude, Melissa. Biking has been good, but what I would have to say has been good to Dane was his giardia :) Anyone looking to drop a few pounds in a week, go drink some irrigation water....

Aunt Beth said...

I'm just catching up on the birthday adventures and they looked mighty fine.

Your description of that 7lb. cake reminded me of a funny phrase I heard years ago:

"Ten minutes on the lips; 10 years on the hips."

OK, NONE of you look like that will be a concern but I had to throw it in for fun. Now me, years ago I could have probably eaten the whole thing in two days ALONE. Sad but true. Must be all that biking that keeps all of you looking so fit. Keep up the good work.

I may be a bit prejudiced Bridget, but you've got a jewel of a husband. Hope others are taking notes of how to win hearts and infuence people....

Aunt Beth

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