Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Months Old Today


Some of the biggest mile stones for Lynlee this month include
-her ability to laugh at almost anything
-rolling over from back to tummy almost immediately after she gets put down on the floor--which is weird because I don't think she really likes being on her tummy, but she just can't help it
-sitting up almost all on her own
-she got a new bouncer from Grandma Smith! and she loves to come soon
-sucking on her fingers almost all the times, oh and her toes too
-she has tried melon a few times, but almost choked on it a few nights ago, so that might have to wait...
-still eating and sleeping a lot!

Oh, how we love you, Lynlee!  The time has gone by so quickly. 
Last weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Smith came to visit, so I thought I'd include a picture from the weekend, just because they look so great:


Emalei said...

What a happy baby!!! She IS so big! I can't believe how much she has changed since April! I'll be in St. George at the end of July. Want to come visit us? Lynlee will be able to meet her first boy cousin on the Smith side! :)

mom/Janet said...

Such a cutie. I mean really!!!! So glad we got to spend some time with her. Thanks

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