Thursday, May 16, 2013

nap time/play time

I put Lynlee down for a nap almost 40 min ago and we have been struggling to get her to go to sleep since then.  She climbs out of her crib, pushes her chairs up to the light switch and turns on the light to play.

Just about 20 min ago I heard a ton of ruckus coming from her direction and found her with cups from her play-kitchen, standing on a little chair in the bathroom next to her bedroom trying to fill them up....So after putting her back in bed and having a talk about not climbing out anymore I left the door slightly open in hopes that would let her know I could see/hear what she was doing.

So far so good, but there has been a lot of little talking noises coming from her room so I went and stood by the door to see what was going on (and mostly to make sure she hadn't climbed out again).  I could not resist writing this down immediately because I don't want to forget.  She was talking to herself, having an actual conversation with 2 different tones of voice:

      Voice 1(boisterous and loud): Drink 'o water? Where are you?

      Voice 2 (soft/whispering): Ah!  I drink 'o water!

      V 1: Oh!  It's nap time!

      V 2: Nap time?

      V 1: Yeah!

      V 2: No, play time...

      V 1: Mommy says sleeping.  Nap time.

and then a few other things I can't remember and couldn't really make out.

Ah, I wish I had caught it on a recording.  It was so hilarious and all I could do not to bust out laughing right then.  That girl.  So funny.

Oh, and yes she is still in bed right now, and still talking to herself.


Abbie said...

Welcome back to blogging!! Such a cute story. :)

mom/Janet said...

Her language skills amaze me. What a sweetie.

leisa said...

Yay! it's good to read your blog again!!!!

Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

Haha, so cute! I can't believe how old she is getting. And I agree with the others.... post more!

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