Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hogle Zoo

Several weeks ago, Lynlee and I made a trip up north to see the animals at the zoo.  It was such a great day to go!  All of the animals were out and walking around, and it seemed like every time we stopped at a new cage, it was feeding time for that animal.  Lynlee loved it, and I might have to say that her favorite animal to see was the monkeys.  There were so many different kinds of monkeys!

Unfortunately, we didn't take too many photos of her looking at the animals, but there was a really great playground that we let her run around in for a while before heading home and I remembered to pull out my camera.

We loved the zoo!

We tried to see how big she would be next to a gorilla, but there was a melt down instead.

Baby elephant!

My favorite!

She always has to taste the dirt.  Don't know when she will learn that lesson...

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