Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can you believe she is starting to walk?!

Lynlee blew us all away yesterday as she showed how confident she is getting with her balance and moving around.  I showed Dane that she would take a few steps to get something that she wanted early in the morning and by the afternoon she had moved to several steps at a time.  She was doing it so much that we got a little on video!  I think she was a little tired by the time we got to it, so she looks a little less stable than she had been all day, but steps are steps.  And we are so proud!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

10 Months Old

I know, it's no news that Lynlee is over 10 months old. But for the sake of trying to be consistent, better late than never, right?

Some new things for Lynlee this last month are:
  • the fist pump seen here
  • getting really good at clapping on cue and has also added waving to one of her many talents
  • She will start bouncing up and down when we play music, so I am guessing this is dancing!
  • Standing pretty well on her own--yep, not holding onto anything!
  • She is also starting to climb.  This is way scarier to me than pulling herself up to standing, now she is braving climbing onto things--most recently her carseat that was just sitting on the floor.  She found out how unstable that was pretty quickly.
  • And just this morning, she was standing and couldn't reach what she wanted and I actually saw her take a STEP before she plopped onto her bottom and crawled to it.  Yikes.  
  • Oh yeah!  She has a set of blocks that are all different sizes that fit into each other and stack.  She has been figuring out how to take them out of each other and put them back in.  So fun!

She still loves other babies and kids, is the happiest, most social, wonderful little girl in the world. (Well at least, we think so.) 

As you can see, it's a little difficult to get her to hold still for pictures these days...

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