Thursday, September 29, 2011

so a few days ago...Lynlee turned 8 months!

Some of the updates and milestones reached this month incluede:
  • crawling!
  • climbing and pulling herself up (not completely stable yet though, with some bruises on her forehead to prove it.)
  • we have moved her crib down to the lowest level...see above
  • New teeth!  She has had one on top come through and 3 more on top waiting to pop out
  • I think she is starting to learn her name  and will respond when someone calls it out


Abbie said...

Lynlee is just so stinkin adorable!!

mom/Janet said...

What a sweetie. Can't believe she's 8 months but yet seems likes she's been with us forever. Love her

Aunt Beth said...

I know it sounds trite but truly, she's too cute for words. Can't wait to share with my friends.

Tiersha said...

Such cute pictures!

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